Chef Career Path And Overview

Chef Career Path And Overview
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A Chef is a skilled professional cook who is responsible for overseeing the overall operations of a kitchen.

  Job Duties of a Chef

Plan menus and develop new recipes
Purchase food and supplies
Manage budgets and food expenses
Supervise kitchen staff and oversee food preparation
Ensure kitchen is clean, and food is stored safely
  Salary of a Chef in USA


Chefs earned a median of $50,160 in May 2021. i.e. half of chefs earned below $50,160 and half earned above that.

The lowest 10% chefs earned less than $30,910 and the highest 10% earned more than $84,570.

  Education Requirements For Becoming A Chef

Education LevelMajorRequirement
High School DiplomaRequired
AssociateCulinary ArtsRecommended
Bachelor'sCulinary ArtsRecommended
Master'sCulinary ArtsNice To Have
  Top Colleges For Becoming A Chef

Culinary Institute of America
Institute of Culinary Education
Johnson and Wales University
Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts
Kendall College of Culinary Arts
  Top Certifications For Becoming A Chef

Certification or LicenseProvider
Certified Fundamentals Cook (CFC)American Culinary Federation
Certified Culinarian (CC)American Culinary Federation
Certified Sous Chef (CSC)American Culinary Federation
Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC)American Culinary Federation
Certified Executive Chef (CEC)American Culinary Federation