How To Start a Dog Grooming Business - A Step by Step Guide

Congratulations on deciding to start a dog grooming business.

Dog Grooming Business - Market Statistics

  • USD 5.6 billion - Pet grooming services market size globally in 2022.
  • USD 9.8 billion - (Projected) Pet grooming services market size globally in 2030.
  • 7.00% - (Projected) Growth rate (CAGR) of pet grooming market from 2022 to 2030.
With the projected market size and growth, dog grooming is a good business to start.

Below is a step-by-step guide to start a dog grooming business.

Dog Grooming Business - Market Analysis

  Dog Grooming Business - Cost Analysis

ExpenseCost RangeAverage Cost

1 - Create a Business Plan for your Dog Grooming Business

Business plan is your blueprint to start, run, and manage your dog grooming business. A business plan is essential if you are planning to get funding via business loans from commercial banks or from individual investors.

Your dog grooming business plan must include the following sections.

Executive Summary - This is the elevator pitch for your dog grooming business. In this section summarize the key aspects of your business including company description, dog grooming services that you will provide, market analysis, competitive analysis, management overviews and financial goals.

Business Description - In this section describe what your business is about and what dog grooming services and products you are offering. Describe how your services and products differ from those of competitors and what market gap you plan to fill.

Market Analysis - In this section summarize the market analysis that you performed, results of that analysis, and then highlight how your products and services fills an existing gap in the dog grooming business.

Competitive Analysis - In this section summarize the competitive analysis that you performed, results of that analysis, and then highlight how your products and services differs from those of competitors.

Management Summary- In this section describe about yourself and why you are passionate about starting a dog grooming business. Describe your background, your past experience in dog grooming, your passion and love for dogs etc.

If you have partners describe their background as well, and state their role and duties in your company.

Operations Plan - In this section describe the operations plan of your dog grooming bossiness. Location of your dog grooming business - mobile, home, or will you rent space? What days of week will you run the business?

Marketing Plan - In this section describe the marketing and advertising plan for your dog grooming business. What is your plan for digital and non-digital marketing plan?

Financial Plan - In this section describe the financial plan for your dog grooming business. Will you need loans or funding to start your business or will you invest your own money? What are your financial goals for next 3 years? What are the financial goals for the next 5 years?

2 - Determine Operational Plan for Your Dog Grooming Business

Type - Will you buy a dog grooming franchise or will you set up your own independent dog grooming business?

  • Franchise
  • Own

Location - Determine if your dog grooming business is mobile or on-premises. If on-premises is it going to be in your house or will you rent premises.

  • Home
  • Mobile
  • Rent Space

Services - Determine the specific services that you will you offer in your dog grooming business. Determine if you will offer your service only to specific dog breeds or generic for all breeds. Following are the common services offered in a dog grooming business.

  • Baths
  • Haircuts
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Hair Brushing
  • Teeth cleaning

Products - Determine if you will sell dog grooming products in addition to the services.

Employees - Determine if you will run your dog grooming business by yourself as a single employee/owner or will you hire employees to help.

  • Groomers
  • Cleaners
  • Receptionist

3 - Complete Legal Aspects of Your Dog Grooming Business

Business Entity - Apply for a business entity in the state where you will be providing dog grooming services. You can open a LLC, Corporation, Sole proprietorship, or Partnership.

Permits - Depending on the location you will need to apply for permits to start your dog grooming business. If you are starting your business at home you may need to get the approval from your home owners association.

Insurance - Get a general liability insurance policy to protect yourself, your employees, and others from dog bites. If you are renting space then the insurance policy should cover accidents on your property. If your business is mobile then your auto insurance policy should be enhanced to include commercial activity.

Permits and Licenses - The requirements for permits and licenses vary from state to state. So it's important to check with your local county to see what is needed.

Certifications and Training - There are no specific certifications for dog groomers. But professional training will help you in your business and also to convince your customers that you are qualified to groom their dogs.

4 - Purchase tools and supplies for your Dog Grooming Business

Bath Tubs- Buy and install one or more bath tubs. Buy shower accessories, shampoo, conditioner etc.

Fur Drying Station - Buy and install one or more drying stations. Buy related drying accessories, towels etc.

Grooming table - Buy and setup one or more grooming tables. Buy grooming accessories such as shears, scissors, clippers, combs, etc.

Supplies - Stock up with cleaning and other supplies such as masks, sanitizers etc.

5 - Hire Help for Your Dog Grooming Business

Decide if you will hire groomers to help you with your business or you will groom by your-self.

Decide if you will requires non-groomer help, like a receptionist to take calls, setup appointments, greet customers etc.

6 - Establish Pricing for you Dog Grooming Services

Setting the right price for your dog grooming services is an art that needs to be continuously refined based on various factors.

To be competitive, your price should be comparable to the price of your competitors, providing similar services and for similar dog breeds.

The set price should consider costs such as taxes, insurance, employee salaries etc.

7 - Market your Dog Grooming Business

Branding - Setup branding for your dog grooming business. At a minimum you will need a company logo and a professional website.

Social media - Setup your company profile on social media - primarily on Facebook, Twitter.

Advertise - Advertise your business. This has to be both digital as well as physical advertising. Advertise your dog grooming business by buying Ads on Google, Facebook, and twitter.

In addition to advertising on digital channels, use traditional non-digital advertising as well. This includes physical mailers, and distributing pamphlets in areas such as dog parks, vets etc.

Promote - Promote your business in events such as pet events etc. Form a relationship with local dog centric businesses such as Vets, Dog daycares, Dog walkers, etc. and cross promote your business.

8 - Scale Up Your Dog Grooming Business

Start building teams and professional relationships, you will need them to scale up your dog grooming business

Groomers - Keep in contact with a list of groomers. You can hire them either full-time or part-time as your business scales up.

Accounting and Tax - Accounting is a vital aspect of your business. Hire a good accounting firm who can take care of your accounting needs as your business scales up.

Marketing and Advertising - When you start your business you will most likely market your business yourself. But as your business scales up find ways to delegate the marketing of your business.

Digital - As your business scales up you have to maintain the digital presence of your business. Hire people to write blogs, maintain your website, keep posting on social media channels etc.

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